Adirondack 2 Step

Contra/Square Dances
Celtic and Old Time music that will make you want to move your feet!

We're a group of musicians who love to get together once a week to play Celtic and Old Time fiddle tunes. We are from all musical backgrounds and have a wide variety of musical experiences. The group grew out of music sessions the were held at the Whalloonsburgh Grange Hall from 2016 to 2018.  From 2018-2020 we met in Peru at Rod Driscoll's home on Wednesday nights, usually from 6:30-9:30 pm. Lately we've been meeting back at Rod's house at 3401 US 9 Peru, NY 12972 on the 1st Wednesday. On the 3rd Wednesday we will be  meeting at the Essex, NY library on Rt. 22. Wherever we meet, we encourage anyone to join us who would like, to come, listen or play along.
We have a very interesting mix of instruments, including two hammered dulcimers, fiddles, one or two claw hammer banjos, two guitars and bass, an occasional mandolin and various types of percussion. Rod's dog Sylvie is a very attentive audience.
We have an experienced dance caller/fiddler in the group, Jeremy Clifford. Sometimes fiddler/caller Lausanne Allen joins us. We are booking contra, square &, barn dances.
Our first dance was on Friday, February 21st, 2020 at the North Country Squares building on the Clinton County, NY fairgrounds. We had a big and enthusiastic group of dancers for that first dance. Then.... Covid came along and put an end to the dances for the last year and a half. We're currently playing for dances at the Elizabethtown Social Center, North Country Squares Dance Hall (Morrisonville, NY) and the Black Kettle Farm (Essex, NY). See our events page for times and dates of dances.
We have a great time playing music and welcome any newcomers who would like to learn this type of music or just listen.
We also provide a number of audio cuts from our band for listening and learning to play.
  • 3401 U.S. 9, Peru, New York, United States

Rod Driscoll- Hammered Dulcimer, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar

Sue Carrol- Hammered Dulicmer, Banjo, Guitar

Jeremy Clifford- Dance Caller, Fiddle, Mandolin

Pete DeMaio- Bass, Guitar

Bernie DeMaio- Guitar

Michael Bourgeois de Beaubassin-Guitar

Mac MacDevitt


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Celtic & Old Time Session Fiddle Tune List 

  1. Soldier’s Joy/Liberty (D)      
  2. Golden Slippers/Over The Waterfall (D)      
  3. Flowers of Edinburgh/Temperance Reel (G)      
  4. Blackberry Blossom/Flop Eared Mule (G)      
  5. Julia Delany/Star of Muster (Dm, Am)      
  6. Road To Lisdonvarna/Swallowtail Jig (Em)      
  7. Cold Frosty Morning/Kitchen Girl (Am)      
  8. Growlin’ Old Man/June Apple (Am, A)      
  9. St. Anne’s Reel/Gaspe Reel (D)- No C Part      
  10. Montreal Reel/Woodchopper’s Reel (A)      
  11. Bay of Fundy/Mississippi Sawyer (A & D)      
  12. Little Beggar Man (D/A)      
  13. Joys of Quebec/ St. Antoines Reel (A)      
  14. Green Willis/Old French (D/A)      
  15. Whiskey Before B’Fast /Swingin’ on a Gate (D/G)      
  16. Midnight on the Water (D)      
  17. Ashoken Farewell (D)      
  18. Shebeg Shemor (D)      
  19. Planxty Irwin (D)      
  20. Star of the County Down (Am)      
  21. Scotland the Brave/Sailor’s Hornpipe (G)             
  22. Staten Island Hornpipe/Petronella (D)      
  23. Black Nag/Coleraine (Am)      
  24. Boys of Blue Hill/Ricket’s Hornpipe (D)
  1. Old Grey Cat/Cooley’s Reel (Em)      
  2. Rights of Man (Em)      
  3. Haste To The Wedding (D)/Kesh Jig (G)      
  4. Sally in the Garden (Em)      
  5. Mason’s Apron (D)      
  6. Morrison’s Jig/The Butterfly (Em)      
  7. Forked Deer (D/A)/ Big Sciota(G)      
  8. Reel Des Jeunes Mariés (D)      
  9. Sally In the Garden –(Am or Em)      
  10. Harvest Home/Galway Hornpipe (D)      
  11. Child Grove/Tam Lin (Dm)      
  12. Squirrel Hunter (Am)      
  13. Paddy on the Turnpike (G)      
  14. O’Driscoll’s Reel/Drowsy Maggie (Em)      
  15. Evenings of Roses (Em)      
  16. Red Prairie Dawn (G)      
  17. Galway Reel (G)      
  18. Wind That Shakes The Barley (D)      
  19. Billy in the Lowground (C)      
  20. Fisher’s Hornpipe(D)      
  21. Old Joe Clark (D)      
  22. Ragtime Annie/Goin Uptown (D)      
  23. KeeDo Polka (D)/Fireside Polka (G/D)      
  24. Aunt Mary’s Jig (A)      
  25. You Married My Daughter and Yet You Didn’t (G)      
  26. Southwind (D)